Roja Parfums

Following countless years of timeless passion and consideration, Roja Parfums was born. It dramatically redefines luxury and sophistication in perfumery for the modern age. Roja Parfums, launched in summer 2011, is a fragrance house where luxury is woven into every aspect.

For Roja, the finest most costly perfumery ingredients have become a byword, a signature, for his creations; every element has Roja’s personal attention to detail, every aspect is uncompromising and captures Roja’s central philosophy - “only the best will do”. They are fragrances that are part of Roja. Quite simply, they are the finest fragrances in the world.

Roja Dove creates using his emotion, his life, his love. They are created to be the best, to be worn, remembered, treasured and become one with their wearer. The global Roja Parfums experience is one of opulence; Swarovski crystal caps, and bottles adorned in gold by hand. Each scent uncompromisingly uses the most expensive raw materials in the world, which are expertly blended by the world’s most sought - after perfumer.

Roja is a true inspiration in the perfumery world. Roja’s own scent brand is a wonderful new addition to the Harrods Perfumery Hall. Roja Parfums is a luxury brand of tomorrow.

Annalise Quest, General Merchandise Manager of Beauty and Children, Harrods